Check Out This Warm, Stylish Winter Jackets

Check Out This Warm, Stylish Winter Jackets

Since we are all mature here (or try to be anyway), our winter jackets must accompany us more places than just on the snow hills for recreation. Meaning? The goal is to find a style that looks like you while keeping yourself warm.

Of course, this year is different than any other year, and we doubt that many of them will need a top layer that will look good on a tuxedo in the foreseeable future.

In addition, the winter cold dips in at very different temperatures, depending on where you live, so what is quite “warm” is relative.

With all this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of stylish winter jackets for guys in a variety of climates.

As you focus more on technical wear and tear for 2020 and 2021, rest assured that you will all look like a million while feeling like 98 degrees (Average internal body temperature, natch!).

1. Fjallraven Expedition Parka

SG says: a classic style that was first introduced in 1974 is The fjallraven Expedition Parka with a more modern cut back.

There is a warm hood and huge pockets (like, huge) with additional openings that allow you to put your hands in from above or on the sides.

Its longer length keeps your buttocks and thighs warm, while the ethically produced fluff protects the rest of you from wind, snow and rain.

2. J. Crew insulated topcoat

SG says: You don’t always want to wear a fluffy coat; we get it. A topcoat with insulated lining, like this J. Crew style, is just right for you if you want to get dressed a little while you stay warm.

3. Timberland Legacy Parka

SG says: this Timberland parka is perfect for those who live through the weather, which is about to fall “are you f * cking kidding with me?”Temperature.

Fortunately, it is well suited, and comes in a chic matte black, so you do not look like a walk in a sleeping bag.

4. Everlane Renew Short Parka

SG says: Sometimes you just want a winter coat that won’t compete with the rest of your outfit.

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