Coolest Ideas to Reverb Your Old Clothing to Make It New Again

Coolest Ideas to Reverb Your Old Clothing to Make It New Again

Did you know that rhinestones make a big comeback?

While these little gems are now used in makeup looks, every fashion lover should be familiar with the disconcerting trend of the early 2000s.

However, rhinestones are not the only ornaments that are fashionable nowadays. There are many ways to spice up old clothes with rhinestones, beads and much more!

Read on below to discover seven ways to beautify your own wardrobe!

1. Bags to add


A bag is the perfect beginner embellishment! Pockets can be easily cut out of scrap fabric and sewn onto existing shirts and pants.

For greater contrast, create pockets made of Tartan or fabric designed for monochrome T-shirts and trousers.

2. Go Wild, with Patches

Do you have a boring denim jacket that you want to spice up? Decorate with a Collection of Iron on patches.

Iron-On patches are great for making retro clothing and are available in almost any design you can imagine. They are surprisingly easy to fix—Beginners can learn to

3. To enhance a Button-Up procedure

If you want to add more character to a button-UP or monochrome sweater, you can embellish it with a refined beaded design.

While this embellishment takes time and patience, the gain is worth it! You will need an embroidery circle to successfully create an embellished sweater, with a formal pattern to ensure that the Design is symmetrical and uniform.

4. Floral Ornaments

You may hesitate to embellish your clothes-after all, it is difficult to reverse the process. And if you do not like the finished product?

With fabric flowers, you don’t have to worry about it! Fabric flowers are easy to create, and you can use super glue to attach them to the back of the pen or safety pins. This makes them easy to add and remove from your favorite clothes.

5. Adding a belt

You don’t need to bleach your pants to embellish jeans or trousers. Embellish them easily by attaching belt buckles to fit your favorite belt.

If you have pants with a stretch belt, you can always make a belt waist. Instead of belt buckles, create a drawstring waist to give your favorite pants a comfortable fit!

6. Sparkle Your Necklace

Do you have a dull white or black button? Turn it into a refined piece by tightening the collar.

The easiest way is to use fabric adhesive stones. If you have the sewing skills, you can buy sewing stones or buttons to create a retro effect.

Go for an ultra-noble Look for individual beads. You can also buy pearl necklaces, but they can move and come off more easily. For best results, draw straight lines on your necklace and then fix loose beads with fabric glue.

7. Adding Lacey Charm

You can easily add a feminine touch to old T-Shirts with a little lace. Often you can get scraps and scraps of fabric for sale in Craft stores. These make perfect embellishment pieces!

You can easily create an embellished top by measuring a lace band that extends over the upper bust of your shirt. Be sure to cut it so that it takes into account the angles at which the body meets the sleeves before fixing it with fabric glue.

Get To Design

You do not need to have a background in fashion design to create stylish clothes. With the above ideas, you can beautify all your favorite pieces and create completely new Looks!

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