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Eye Catchy Women’s Sunglasses Whom You Can’t Say No

Eye Catchy Women’s Sunglasses Whom You Can’t Say No

Let’s face it: although seemingly simple, sunglasses keep shades of dress sense. Few Props compete with the super powers of a couple of Sunni heroes.

The best women’s sunglasses have the power to enhance your outfit, add a touch of intrigue and secrets (dark shades are instantly flirtatious), allow you to secretly spy on people in an outdoor Cafe, hide accidental eye rolls-oh, and protect your eyes from the sun and harmful UV rays.

Sunglasses are available in endless styles and just about every color under the sun, from updates to timeless classics to colorful and playful silhouettes. They have oversized frames for statement style, aviators for TOP Gun-inspired Glamour, and whimsical retro creations that make us feel immediately more alluring.

Overwhelmed by the number of Sunnies options available? Take a look at our List of the best sunglasses for women. We have iconic aviators, fashionable cat eyes, useful and simple d frames, glasses and even sunglasses for Tennis. As well as the sunglasses worn by celebrities and Superstars of the world. How many couples are too many couples?

The 3 best sunglasses for women

Randolph Amelia: the best sunglasses for women

In our Randolph USA Review, we’ve already taken a deep look at what makes these shades the ultimate sunglasses for this Season, and we’ll repeat it. These are the best Sunglasses for Women.

This particular couple is named after Amelia Earhart, the first woman to cross the Atlantic alone and in our eyes a total hero. While she probably wasn’t wearing a Randolph pair at the time, we’re sure she’d approve of these super slim aviators with their ultra-flattering teardrop-shaped silhouette that fits all face shapes.

The AGX lens selectively highlights soothing green and yellow wavelengths and helps reduce eye strain. The lenses are also polarized for glare prevention and anti-reflective feature and blue light filtering technology. In other words, they are like Bodyguards for your Eyes.

The Amelia’s lenses are placed in gorgeous 22K chocolate gold frames, while the curved “cranial temples” wrap around the ear for safety and comfort. As the pilot himself would have wished.

Bottega Veneta: The Best Luxury Sunglasses For Women

A Premium price tag does not always give impeccable style and quality, but in the matter of these Bottega Veneta shades, it certainly is.

These designer sunglasses are made of shiny black acetate with a delicious glow. Discover the polished gold material at the temples. The Black-Gold combination is timeless. You could wear them in fifty years and they would still be considered the pinnacle of style.

We also like the classic shape of these Bottega Veneta shades. Somehow round and square at the same time, they would basically fit all face shapes. And while they’re certainly not inexpensive, at least the higher price means they’re less likely to break them—right?

Tomahawk Neuralyzer: Best Value Women Sunglasses

Inexpensive sunglasses are not difficult to get. But inexpensive sunglasses that also protect your eyes while being beautiful? Much less often. That’s why we look forward to these Tomahawk Neuralysers-definitely the best sunglasses for the money.

The Neuralyzer are a contemporary take on the classic Wayfarer style with this distinct trapezoidal shape we all know and love. We can imagine wearing them just about anywhere, whether it’s with a pencil skirt and a designer work bag at the office or a summer evening on a Terrace to sip Cocktails.

The frames of these Tomahawk Neuralyzer are injection molded-light and strong. Smoke lenses minimize dazzling brightness and are also FDA approved. In addition, they are shock resistant, so the occasional bash will survive. After all, UV400 protection means your eyes have nothing to worry about.

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