Ways to Paint Your Nails Like a Pro Whom You’ll Love It

Ways to Paint Your Nails Like a Pro Whom You’ll Love It

It never fails! They go through all the hassle of painting their nails a soft color, just to chip them the next day when they do the dishes. The problem is not hot dishwashing detergent.

This is the fact that you do not yet know how to paint your nails like a pro. If you want a beautiful color that lasts for weeks, you need to hit both on a base coat and on a top coat of varnish.

There is also a small preparation that you need to do before you even think about picking up a brush. Check out this guide to find out what these preparation steps are as well as a complete guide to painting your nails.

Get Comfortable

You can not rush perfection. When you do this, you get nail polish on your skin and clothes. Since you will be sitting on the couch for a hot minute, you can also find a Movie on Netflix.

No matter where you plump. As long as you sit in front of a flat surface like a coffee table, you should be fine.

You should use the toilet, because once you put that first coat of varnish, that’s it. You won’t be able to touch anything for a while. This includes toilet paper.

Quickly eat a snack. Fill a bottle with water so you don’t get dehydrated. We know we said you can’t touch anything, but a bottle should be good as long as you don’t touch your nails.

If you have long hair, tie it in a ponytail. The last thing you want to do is soak your hair in your wet nail polish.

Prepare your nails

Now that you’ve set up your workstation, it’s time to get your nails ready for the Basecoat. The first step is to make sure that your nails are clean.

This means that if you already have a layer of chipped varnish on your nails, you need to remove it. Do not try to paint on it, otherwise you will hate the result.

Now that Your Hands are clean, You can cut Your Cuticles. You will have it easier if you do it right after the shower. If this is not possible, you can dip your hands in a bowl of hot water.

The final step is to cut and shape your nails with a file. Do not do this while they are wet, or they may break.

Apply primer

Before proceeding to the actual colors of the nail polish, you need to apply a primer. The reason is that dark colors can stain your nails. To do this, you can use a transparent nail polish.

If you paint your nails In a bright color, you should use white varnish as a base coat.

Add the first layer of your chosen color

When you get to this point, you probably feel impatient. It can be tempting to focus on a single layer of varnish and call it a day. Please resist this urge.

Thick layers of varnish are not only bad, but dry forever. Do yourself a favor and keep the first layer thin. It only takes ten minutes to dry in this way.

Another tip we have for you is not to paint up your cuticles. Leave some space on the floor and next to your nails. It looks cleaner and you don’t have to worry about chips.

How to tell if they are dry

So how can you determine if your nails are dry? Many people touch them. If the varnish falls on your skin or you see stains, it is not ready for another coat.

This method works, but is not the best you could use. Instead, lightly touch your nails together. If they adhere, they are not yet dry.

Put on Coats

Depending on the color of nail polish you use, you may need to do two or three layers to achieve the desired results. The more layers you apply, the brighter the color will be. Three layers also help strengthen the varnish and prevent flaking.

Keep thin layers again, otherwise painting your nails will become a business all day long. Let your nails dry all the way before adding another layer. Otherwise, it will be a little bumpy.

Stop Things with a Top coat

Once you have the color you are looking for, finish things off with a top coat of clear varnish. If you neglect this, your masterpiece will only take a few days before it is canceled.

Be sure to cover the entire surface of the varnish. Wipe with the brush on top of your nail when you’re done to seal things.

Clean Up Your Mess

The idea is not to dye outside the lines when you do your nails. However, errors occur. No one is perfect.

Dip a Q-Tip into a bottle of nail polish remover. Run it over your skin to remove the mess without touching your nail. You do not want to ruin all your hard work.

So paint your nails like a pro and enjoy a fresh manicure for days

Will never paint your nails quite as you plan. Clean things up by refreshing your skills and learning how to paint your nails like a pro.

It is not as difficult as it seems. As long as you are careful and follow these instructions, you will have a color that will stick for a week or more.

Looking for more ways to stay beautiful? Check out the lifestyle section of our blog for the recent tips and tricks.

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