Funky Ways to Wear Vintage Boots

Funky Ways to Wear Vintage Boots

If you’ve been living like me in Sweatpants since spring, leaving home feels more like a runway show than ever.

While you may find yourself on a hectic fashion stand-is everyone still wearing thin pants-right? What is a Noragi jacket?- you always want to look good, and it’s supposed to be easy.

Any way to make sure you look and feel like a Million? Strike shoes that take a punch (or is it a kick?).

In cold weather, a bold boot is the ideal starting point for outfit.

You can combine an eye-catching boot with a casual, casual fit or do it all with a tête-à-tête-toe-O U t F i t inspired by your fashionable shoes.

We recently partnered with Texas shoe brand Taft for a Pinterest campaign (psst, follow us on Pinterest? This is a great place for inspo outfit!!), showing some ways to carry their offers. From hand-woven leather Jodhpur boots to perfect action boots, these are:: chef’s kiss:: good.

And honestly, guys? I couldn’t bear the thought of not sharing some of my favorites in a 5-day, 5-way feature here on SG Dot Com.

These outfits are perfect for the holidays, whether you are celebrating in person with your immediate family or watching at Zoom at the Fam.

How to wear five different statement men’s boots five choices:

SG says: if you want refined and comfortable equal parts, it’s these wool boots.

For a Fireside fit, opt for a classic fisherman sweater and crisp plaid pants. If you think you could take off your boots, make sure you have equally interesting socks.

Play the boot’s bold houndstooth print with a complementary color scheme. Because even though a red Crocodile Print Camp shirt may sound noisy, the rest of the outfit has a beautifully muffled Palette.

Living in a cool place? Place an oat-colored sweatshirt in between to warm you up and your Look.

SG says: these Jacquard woven boots look like they’ve led an interesting life, so take a keyword from them and throw it away.

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